Best Kenworth Trucks for Long-Haul Trucking

Long truck drives present a host of challenges, from cramped muscles to burnout and fatigue. When you’re on the road for hours at a time, you’ll need a truck that provides a comfortable experience. That means cabs with ample space, plenty of storage compartments, and well-designed seating and upholstery.

However, you also don’t want the vehicle to skimp on modern technology features for enhanced navigation, communication, and road safety. A balance of performance and comfort is key to tackling extensive trips.

The Kenworth brand has a reputation for high-quality, long-lasting trucks that offer superior operator comfort. These are precisely the traits you want in a long-haul truck. Naturally, we put together this list of some of the best Kenworth trucks for long hauls to give you some ideas. After browsing our lineup, you’ll hopefully have some inspiration for your next rental or purchase.

The Best Long-Haul Trucks by Kenworth

Any of the semi-trucks on our list make a loyal friend during those hours-long drives. Check out some of the top Kenworth trucks for long expeditions below.

1. The Kenworth T680 Next Gen

Kicking off our list is none other than the Kenworth T680 Next Gen. This model is easily one of the best semi-trucks for long hauls.

For starters, the T680 is a powerhouse when it comes to operator comfort. It features a spacious ergonomic cab, advanced climate control systems, and infotainment options to reduce driver fatigue. What more could you ask for on long road trips?

The truck’s day cab offers an ultra-comfortable experience for the driver and passenger. This truck also has a wealth of safety features to lower the risk of accidents, letting you drive with peace of mind for extended durations. These technologies include:

  • Lane departure warnings. This warning system continuously tracks your vehicle’s position relative to road lane markings. It generates a distinctive sound alert upon sensing an un-signaled lane shift.
  • Adaptive cruise control. This system integrates seamlessly with your existing cruise control. It constantly scans the road and adjusts the braking and throttle to maintain a predetermined distance from the vehicle ahead. Once the path is clear, it returns your truck to the preconfigured speed.
  • Side object detection. The side object detection feature consistently monitors your vehicle’s blind spots. It emits a visual and auditory warning if a vehicle or object approaches these areas.
  • Collision avoidance systems. This system detects potential collision hazards with other vehicles and objects. It alerts you of the risk and activates proactive braking measures.

And we can’t forget about the T680’s unparalleled fuel economy. With its state-of-the-art PACCAR engine, predictive cruise control, and aerodynamic design, the T680 is an unbeatable combo of performance and fuel efficiency. The low-profile top pushes weight to the bare minimum to increase your overall load, optimizing fuel savings.

2. The Kenworth W990

The Kenworth W990 is the full package. It merges traditional long-nose styling, superior craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and modern performance features. Between its fuel efficiency and durable construction, the W990 was truly built for long travels.

Its PACCAR MX-13 engine packs a powerful punch, churning out 510 horsepower and 1,850 pound-feet of torque. State-of-the-art navigation tools, collision mitigation, and other safety add-ons provide that extra layer of security. You can also access features like blind spot camera inputs, hands-free calling, roadside assistance, audio controls, internet, and vehicle data.

This model is available in day cab, 76- and 52-inch mid-roof sleeper configurations, and a 40-inch flat top. Combining a roomy cab, ergonomic controls, and advanced infotainment systems that decrease fatigue, the W990 can feel like home wherever you are. The W990 Driver’s Studio boasts a laundry list of amenities, including:

  • A premium audio package with eight speakers and a 10-inch, 320-watt amp subwoofer.
  • A swivel mount that accommodates up to a 28-inch flat-screen television.
  • Multiple storage drawers and a full-size wardrobe.
  • A rotating table for two people and a 180-degree swivel passenger seat.
  • A drawer-style refrigerator and added space for a microwave.
  • LED lighting for sufficient interior visibility throughout the sleeper.

3. Kenworth T880

Orange Kenworth 18-Wheeler

Traditionally known for being the ultimate work truck, the Kenworth T880 can also be used for long-haul or highway trucking. Designed with strength and versatility, it offers the power and stamina needed to perform the toughest of jobs. The T880 is designed with advanced technology, a fuel-efficient drivetrain, and a comfortable driving environment that makes long-haul trucking a breeze.

The T880 is known for offering rock-solid performance for any heavy-duty application and includes a chassis that can easily integrate with various bodies and functions necessary for your work. Whether you are hauling heavy cargo, transporting tough materials, or carrying a mixer – you can rely on the strength and endurance of the T880 to get work done and get you where you need to go.

The truck’s day cab offers an ultra-comfortable experience for the driver and passenger. This truck also has various features to make your driving experience enjoyable. These features include:

  • Multiplex electronic system. This allows you to easily configure switches in the cab and program custom operations.
  • Ergonomic cab design. The T880’s thoughtfully crafted cab design allows you to customize seats for individual preferences.
  • Strategic steering wheel placement. This allows drivers to adjust the steering wheel to their own driving style, reducing fatigue during long-haul trips.
  • Advanced infotainment system. The high-quality audio and entertainment system allows drivers to enjoy a superior sound system and easy connectivity.
  • Cab soundproofing. Built-in sound insulation reduces external noise for a quieter and more relaxed driving experience.

The T880 also includes superior climate control and seating comfort options. The truck’s high-performance heating and advanced A/C system keeps the cab temperature comfortable regardless of the weather. Additionally, the vehicle offers an ergonomic seat design with adjustable lumbar support to prevent back pain during longer hauls.

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