Commercial Truck Lease


Tailoring to your needs

Why take any truck when an Inland Lease & Rental professional can help tailor one to fit your operational needs? Before you choose a truck, we analyze your business requirements and use proprietary software to ensure your leased truck is suited to your needs, helping enhance driver productivity and lower your operating costs.

Maintain your competitive advantage

We know the burden that rapidly changing fuel and emission regulations can place on a truck owner who needs to stay competitive. We keep you up to date with the most current innovations, and if needed, we will help you upgrade so you can operate in even the most stringent air quality jurisdictions.

Value added services available within your lease:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Substitute Vehicles
  • Inland Customer Portal Access
  • Onboard Telematics
  • Licensing & Permitting
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Driver Safety Programs
  • Driver Recognition Programs
  • Custom Painting & Decaling
  • Truck Washing

Choose between a:

Full-Service Lease

The benefits of an Inland Lease & Rental full-service truck lease are significant and include:

  • Reduced downtime– our customers appreciate our 24-hour roadside assistance, substitute vehicles programs and, where available, mobile technicians.
  • Reduced capital costs– free up working capital so you can use it where your operation needs it most.
  • Improved cost control and tracking– keep close tabs on your expenses with our programs for reporting fuel tax and monitoring maintenance costs by individual vehicle.
  • Enhanced driver productivity– increase safety and productivity by customizing the truck for your operations and using our driver training & safety programs.


Managed Maintenance Lease

Managed Maintenance Lease is a flexible lease arrangement which offers a choice of individual services for you to choose from. This unbundling alternative allows you to pick and choose from our offerings, so you get only the services you need the most.